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Construction, Renovation & Decoration

What distinguishes us is specialization in the lightweight and fast construction in the implementation of all construction and renovation projects include: Construction of villas and residential buildings, administrative buildings, residential complexes, warehouses, factories, commercial centers and exhibitions, construction of top or floor extensions, restrooms, renovation or adding multiple floors to concrete buildings.

Decorations Work

We specialize in the design and implementation of interior and exterior decoration works with high quality and accuracy in implementation.

Internal and External Extensions

We implement all types of plumbing, air conditioning, electricity, and solar panel installation.

Water, Thermal and Sound Insulation

We use the best external and internal thermal insulation materials and acoustic insulation.

Renovation Works

Specialized in renovation for all kinds of Interior and Exterior projects. Also, we can provide our customers with all the maintenance they need in terms of plumbing, electrical wiring, and water network.

Steel and Structures

Steel Structures

We specialize in the construction of steel frame buildings, which are distinguished by insulation against water, humidity, rust, and corrosion and also fire-resistant in the implementation of warehouse projects, factories, workers houses, centers and trade fairs, administrative buildings.

Building Add-on & Extensions

GI light-weight and fast construction technology is the most economical and flexible solution for adding floors, modifying the structure and renovating buildings. That allows owners to redesign and renovate their buildings with less time and cost.

Aluminum and Metal Fabrication

We use our finest materials in the design and execution of aluminum works from doors, kitchens, windows, car shade, cladding and structural. We also have various metal forming methods to implement the latest designs and shapes of handrails and doors.

Design and Projects Studies

We create modern architectural designs for high quality and efficient homes that meet all segments of the society, relying on our experienced team to prepare the best studies and engineering supervision on the implementation of architectural designs, and construction process.

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